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The beginning of research activities in the University dates back to the institution of the Department of Research in 1937 under the auspices of the University of Travancore founded in the same year. The research programs in various disciplines are undertaken presently by the departments and centres of teaching and research of the University and also by other research centres recognized by the University.

The Kerala University Research Portal, a single point securely hosted solution, is customised to seamlessly integrate, search and manage the Ph.D research activities of the University. The research portal which is expected to be formally launched soon will cover various aspects related to Ph.D research. It is envisaged to streamline the administrative processes involved in submitting the application, issuing registration order and the like. Application for Ph.D registration as well as submission of monthly progress report is expected to be switched over to online shortly.

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Pattern of Question Paper for Ph.D Entrance Examination

The question paper of Ph.D Entrance Exam consists of two parts: Part A- Research Methodology and Part B- Subject Specific Section. The pattern of Question papers is as follows.

Part A- Research Methodology Consists of 15 short answer questions each carrying 5 marks of which any 10 shall have to be answered. (5 x 10= 50 marks)

Part B- Subject Specific Consists of 15 questions each carrying 5 marks of which any 10 shall have to be answered. (5 x10 =50 marks)

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