Kerala MVD Computerised Conductor Test


Kerala MVD Computerised Conductor Test (കണ്ടക്ടർ ലൈസൻസ് )

Kerala MVD Computerised Conductor Test: Kerala Motor Vehicle Department introduced online test for Conductor’s License. The online computerised test, using SmartMove software of the MVD, is to replace the existing oral examination from May 1. Offices of the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) and sub-RTO can conduct tests on the lines of the test for issuing learner’s driving licence. Applicants will have to answer 20 questions that will be randomly picked by the computer from a bank of 180 questions (which is listed below).

The applicants will have to score 60 per cent (12 questions correctly) to get the conductor’s licence. External help will not be allowed for the 20-minute examination and the tests will be held by the Assistant Licensing Authorities.

Question and Answers For Computerised Conductor Test

Question and Answers For Computerised Conductor Test 


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