Self employment ideas in Kerala


Self employment ideas in Kerala

Self employment ideas in Kerala : Kerala is best place to start business. There are lot of opportunity and most of them are untapped. Hotel Industry,Tourism, Information technology, Farming/Gardening,Day care   are the best area for start up. Kerala is not suitable for industrial & factories. The Kerala government providing self employment schemes for registered unemployed and Saranya scheme for destitute women’s.

Hotel Industry : Hotel Industry is a wonderful idea. Suggested for the one  who can have a good cook who can cook Malabar food and Arabic foods  and suggest to open in South Kerala. I think so because Malabar is more experts in preparing variety of food and really south Kerala people likes it a lot. Prepare food that are good for the people having situations like Diabetic, Cholesterol and BP. May be something like juice and salad centre with menu for different category. Also it will be in urban area.

Tourism : Also investing in tourism is a good idea.Kerala is know as  gods own country,and there is beautiful places like Alappuzha,Kuttanad,Wayanad,Thiruvananthapuram padmanabhaswami Temble etc. Investing in health tourism is an another idea.There is a strong potential for the growth of Ayurveda tourism in Kerala.Humid air, abundant natural wealth are some of the factors that provide the perfect natural setting for Ayurveda’s healing touch as does Kerala. Health tourism is one of the most trending small business ideas in Kerala to start with moderate capital investment.

Information technology : Also starting an IT company is also a wonderful Idea. Office expenses & set up cost are very less comparing to other major cities like Bangalore & Chennai. Also you can easily recruit qualified engineers locally.

Farming/Gardening: Investing in Gardening/Farming is a another wonderful idea.Who interested in farming ,they may use the nature for success.Use new  technologies for more production and produce multiple products.



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