How to get transcripts from Kerala university


How to get transcripts from Kerala university

This is a time consuming process as the University needs self typed transcript documents to be error free. Typically total time from the date of receiving application to getting the transcript from University takes 6-8 weeks.

The List of Documents:-

1.Kerala university Form for General & Exam Purpose, with the cash receipt attached.
2.Cash receipt of 1000/-.
3.Counterfoil for the cash receipt mentioned in point 2 (small paper piece).
4.Mark sheets, 8 in number (Attested photo copies).
5.Provisional Certificate (Attested photo copy).
6.Degree Certificate (Attested photo copy).
7.Transcript Format(2 copies).
8. Additional copies of 4, 5, 6 & 7, in case required.

What you need to do?:-

  1. Download the Transcript format in the word format from KU site as per your scheme here [2008 Scheme] All
  2. Edit it in Word and enter the details as specified.
  3. Take the print out in a Legal Paper[Required+1]. Go to the counter 4, buy a 20Rs form for the application of transcript
  4. Go to the University cash counter and pay 1000Rs per copy of the Transcript.
  5. Go to the B.Tech Section and show the cash slip to the security and get inside.
  6. Submit the form to the official who is incharge of your college.


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