How prepare for SSLC Examination – Kerala Board SSLC Exam


How prepare for SSLC Examination – Kerala Board SSLC Exam

How prepare for SSLC Examination : The Secondary school leaving certificate is commonly referred to as SSLC. The certification obtained by a student on successful completion of an examination at the end of the secondary examination. This is playing a vital role in building the future career of any student. There are some important tips for preparing sslc exam.

Important things for SSLC Examination

  1. Clearly know the syllabus:-  Total 9 paper include in SSLC exam. Malayalam, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History and Civics (SS-I), Geography and Economics (SS-II) and  Information Technology (Except school going candidates). Properly and carefully follow your class lessons to cover your syllabus. it helps you to get the topic and after coming home revise your class in study room. In case of any doubt clarify your teacher and know it well.
  2. Separate note book:- maintain separate note books for each subject. Write down the important notes and formulas in to the books as order. It will help you to get the notes easy on the revision time.
  3. Reading:- read the lessons loudly after coming home every day. Underline the important notes or formulas in to the text book. It will help you to catch the important things while reading the text.
  4. Calm place:- select a calm place as your study room. Maintain a distance from the TV ,mobile phone and other disturbing items when you are studying.
  5. Time table:- make a time table for all subjects every day and obey the time. Make your time table after 5 o’clock to before 9 o’clock.
  6. Repeat:- if you can’t get the note or formula read two or more times as when you get it well. If any doubt in formulas make more examples and solve it yourself. Repeat risky notes /formulas daily.
  7. Solve previous question papers:- collect previous question papers and solve the paper yourself or with the help of your friends (group study) or teacher.
  8. Measure yourself:- measure yourself like what you are known and not about the subjects. Give more preference to the risky subject and spent more time to that subject.
  9. Keep fit:- eat healthy and take ample rest. Make sure you are also spending some time playing and reenergizing yourself.

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